Director of Assessment & Accountability talks about proposed changes to South Dakota’s accountability system.

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Board of Education hears proposed changes to accountability, adopts rule change

At its meeting Nov. 18, in Pierre, the South Dakota Board of Education heard proposed changes to South Dakota’s accountability system. A summary of the key changes is below. Click here to watch a video. The proposal will be put out for public comment this winter, prior to the state applying for an extension of its ESEA Flexibility Waiver for an additional year.

• Take the indicator for Teacher/Principal Effectiveness out of the School Performance Index, or SPI
    - While aggregate data surrounding effectiveness would still be reported, schools would not receive SPI points for this item.

• Take the indicator for School Climate out of the SPI
    - Embed “climate” into work with Priority Schools

• Create a special audit process for schools with unique mission

• Use three years of data for the Student Achievement indicator

• Reconsider how Attendance indicator is calculated

• Make the NCRC/WorkKeys assessment optional for districts to administer to 11th or 12th graders
    - For districts that choose to administer, up to ten points of the College and Career Readiness indicator would come from NCRC/WorkKeys.

The board also adopted a rule change to SDAR 24:05:33:07.03.Cooperative educational service unit costs. The change allows a school district to pay certain costs incurred by a co-op, as a result of providing special education or special education and related services, from state and local dollars deposited into the district’s special education fund.