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For Immediate Release: Aug. 5, 2008
Contact: Mary Stadick Smith - (605) 773-7228

State Library to provide online access to trusted encyclopedia

The South Dakota State Library announced today that it will provide World Book’s "World Book Web" free to school, public and academic libraries throughout the state.

Developed by the makers of The World Book Encyclopedia, World Book Web allows users to tap into a wealth of reliable information. The online content is constantly updated and can provide multimedia resources to further enrich learning.

“While search engines lead users to a huge quantity of information, the quality isn’t always there,” said South Dakota State Librarian Dan Siebersma. “The information in World Book Web comes from a trusted source, and we know that it has been thoroughly researched and validated. That’s especially important when you’re talking about academic research at any grade level.”

With the new online resource, students and teachers will be able to access three age-appropriate tools: World Book Kids for early learners, World Book Online Reference Center for mid-level students, and World Book Advanced for older students and adults. Additionally, World Book Web includes both French- and Spanish-language online encyclopedias for native and second-language learners and access to selected magazine articles, e-books, primary sources, teacher resources, and student activities.

The decision to provide statewide access to World Book Web furthers the South Dakota State Library’s strategy of offering convenient online access to core library resources. “We’re pleased to be able to provide this resource to school and local libraries,” Siebersma said. “As with many of our electronic resources, these organizations don’t have the funds to do this on their own. So it’s an area we can be of great service to them and to constituents across the state.”

In addition to being available on computers within schools and libraries, World Book Web also is available to library patrons from home with a valid library card from a South Dakota Library Network member library.


To learn more, visit the South Dakota State Library’s Web site or contact your local library.