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For Immediate Release: January 5, 2010
Contact: Mary Stadick Smith - (605) 773-7228

State board approves expansions for two technical programs

The South Dakota Board of Education approved an expansion of Mitchell Technical Institute’s Architectural Design and Building Construction program. The expansion means students will now be able to select a commercial option and receive training in the construction of large facilities, such as shopping centers and hospitals.

“The process for commercial versus residential construction is far more complex,” MTI President Greg Von Wald said. “With our already solid reputation for providing quality graduates in residential construction, we believe we have a niche for this type of program within the state. We’ve heard from business and industry personnel that these graduates would be in great demand, and we hope with this option we can help fill the void within South Dakota’s workforce.”

Watertown’s Lake Area Technical Institute also had a program expansion request approved today. The expanded program will be called the Business Associate and will replace the Marketing, Management & Sales program. All students will complete coursework in core areas, but students will now be able to select a specialty from six options within the program.

According to Lake Area President Deb Shephard, the changes will better align with the needs of today’s workforce by allowing students to choose one of the following specializations: Marketing and Management, Fashion/Retail Merchandizing, Interior Business Design, Photography/Media, Hospitality and Tourism, or Human Resource Associate.

Shephard and Von Wald pointed out that both of these programs will be offered by using many of the resources that the technical institutes already have in place. There will be no additional costs or the need for additional staff.