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For Immediate Release: July 28, 2010
Contact: Mary Stadick Smith - (605) 773-7228

More high schools found to have met AYP goals

Six additional South Dakota high schools have been determined to have met adequate yearly progress goals for 2009-10, as reported on the state’s 2010 Report Card released earlier this week.

The schools are: Roosevelt High School, Sioux Falls; Brandon Valley High School, Brandon; Hill City High School; Canistota High School; McLaughlin High School; and Milbank High School.

In addition, Chamberlain High School met the goal for math for the 2nd consecutive year and will be taken off the School Improvement list because of it.

Due to a computer programming error, these schools were inadvertently determined to have missed AYP.

“Once the error was discovered, we were in touch with the districts affected to let them know of the situation,” said Secretary of Education Tom Oster. “We want to publicly offer our apologies to these schools for the mistake, and we wish to congratulate them on this good news.”

The change does not impact the percent of students proficient or advanced in reading or math statewide. Both of those remain at 76 percent. Nor does it impact the percentage of districts that made adequate yearly progress for 2009-10, which remains at 95 percent.

Oster said his department will continue to comb through the 2010 Report Card data. Following the public release of the Report Card, school districts have 10 days to appeal a determination that they believe is in error. In this case, no appeals will be necessary. The state will automatically update the online Report Card with the corrected information.

“We use this time between the public release of the preliminary Report Card and the deadline for appeals to work with school districts in reviewing their data,” Oster said. After the appeal process is completed, the Report Card will be finalized and uploaded to the website.

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