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For Immediate Release: Aug. 16, 2005
Contact: Mary Stadick Smith - (605) 773-7228

American Indian students awarded scholarships

Eighteen American Indian students will receive a total of $29,000 in scholarships from the Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey Memorial Scholarship Program in 2005-06. The students will use the scholarships, ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 per year ($6,000 over four years), to pursue their education at an institute of higher education located in South Dakota.

The scholarship program was established in 2003, after Minerva Harvey left the proceeds of her estate to the South Dakota Department of Education to develop a scholarship program for American Indian students. Richard Hagen was a legislator from Pine Ridge who served in the State House and Senate.

“Dick Hagen represented the citizens of Bennett, Todd and Shannon counties for 20 years in the South Dakota Legislature. He cared deeply about Native American young people and their education, and this scholarship is a testimony to his efforts,” said Gov. Mike Rounds.

Seven new applicants were selected to receive scholarships for 2005-06. These recipients are:

--Ann Marie Ducheneaux, Rapid City

--Raelynn Her Many Horses, Lower Brule

--Shawn Her Many Horses, Lower Brule

--Andrea Hicks, Batesland

--Jordan Mendoza, Eagle Butte

--Seth Pearman, Eagle Butte

--Margeret Smith, Batesland

Eleven students who previously were awarded scholarships will continue to receive funding in 2005-06. These recipients are:

--Rachael Condon, Cherry Creek

--Laura Ducheneaux, Eagle Butte

--Megan Eberhard, Sioux Falls

--Nicholas Estes, Chamberlain

--Leann High Bear, Ridgeview

--Traci Jewitt, Eagle Butte

--Lawrence Kiyukan, Lake Andes

--Maya Peters, Sisseton

--Ray Taken Alive, McLaughlin

--Darrell Vitalis, Pine Ridge

--Elisha Webster, Mitchell

“These students were chosen from a pool of applicants that is becoming deeper each year,” said Keith Moore, Indian Education coordinator for the South Dakota Department of Education. “The Hagen-Harvey Scholarship is a wonderful opportunity for American Indian kids to access needed money for higher education. The criteria and competitiveness for the scholarship should make these young people and their families proud of their accomplishment.”

Hagen-Harvey scholarships are awarded to recent high school graduates who are enrolled members of one of South Dakota’s nine tribes. Recipients must attend an institute of higher education located in South Dakota. Recipients are chosen based on qualities such as leadership potential, demonstration of exceptional talent, ACT test score, high school grade point average, and other indicators of persistence and drive for success.