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For Immediate Release: July 19, 2011
Contact: Mary Stadick Smith - (605) 773-7228

State Library Board reviews LSTA fund usage

The South Dakota State Library Board approved a plan Monday to evaluate the use of Library Services and Technology Act funds.

Under the federal act, agencies receiving those funds must draft and evaluate plans for using them every five years.

“In South Dakota, the three biggest uses for LSTA funds are our collection of statewide electronic resources, our Braille and talking book services, and resource sharing,” said State Librarian Dan Siebersma. “These are services that all South Dakotans can take advantage of just by visiting their local libraries.”

The State Library Board prepares the five-year LSTA plan based on which services are determined to be most needed and important. The information supporting those determinations is collected through direct input from librarians in the field, data and usage statistics, and surveys that public and school librarians submit for their facilities.

“The five-year evaluation and planning process is an important way to verify that we’re on target in spending these federal funds,” Siebersma said. “We want to make sure we’re still using the funds in the best possible ways in order to meet the needs of our local libraries.”

Siebersma expects that the new plan for the next five years of LSTA funding will look fairly similar to the current plan because the funds are already supporting important and needed services.

Approval of the new five-year plan for LSTA funding will take place at a subsequent State Library Board meeting, after the evaluation is complete and recommendations for changes have been made.


*Siebersma (SEE’-burz-muh)