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SDMyLife fall 2013 training webinars now available online

SDMyLife offered several webinars for educators in fall 2013. These webinars were recorded and are available to view at

SDMyLife also has a number of lesson plans and resources available through its own file manager. Register for access to this bank of resources at and see what other SDMyLife advisors are doing.

SDMyLife is a free online program that helps students navigate the career development process. With the support of teachers, counselors and parents, SDMyLife’s goal is to help students better understand how their interests, skills, and knowledge relate to real-world academic and career opportunities. Using the site, students can take interest and ability assessments, research postsecondary education and training options, build their own career portfolios, find out about scholarship opportunities, and study for the ACT with Method Test Prep. This program aids students during middle school, high school and for five years after graduation.

Contact Megan Lahr at the South Dakota Department of Education, (605) 773-4726, with any questions.

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