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Alternate Assessment Road Show

Jan. 6-9, 2014, Various locations statewide
The following two sessions will be offered at all locations. You may attend one or both, but you must register separately for each session.

• 2014 STEP-A Pretest Workshop (morning session)

The 2014 STEP-A Pretest workshop is for all teachers who administer the Dakota STEP-A Assessment. The topics covered will include but are not limited to: student eligibility for the STEP-A, selecting and developing high-quality supporting evidence submissions, completing the rating form, role of the second rater, test security, and receiving/packing/shipping test materials.

It is required that all raters who are administering the STEP-A be trained on the administration of the assessment.

An update on the NCSC Alternate Assessment Pilot will also be provided.

• Curriculum and Instructional Materials for NCSC (afternoon session)

The focus of this session is to review some of the NCSC math curriculum and instructional materials and to introduce the ELA curriculum and instructional materials that have been developed to support students' access to grade-level content of the Common Core State Standards.

This session is appropriate for special education teachers, curriculum directors, and administrators who will be teaching or training teachers who work with students participating in alternate assessments.

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