November 2013



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WoLakota Project website now live

“WoLakota” implies balance and coming together. The WoLakota Project is a partnership of TIE and the South Dakota Department of Education, meant to support students in high-need schools, pairing trained mentor-teachers with new teachers and providing Courage to Teach circles to tend to the “hearts” of each.

Mentors will support the embedding of the Oceti Sakowin Essential Understandings (OSEU) into practice, complementing the Common Core. The OSEU will address the achievement gap of American Indian students by embracing their identity, and will promote cultural understanding among non-native students and teachers.

“When we approach teaching with one worldview…we create systems of failure in our schools,” says Lakota Elder Dottie LeBeau.

WoLakota is intended to close the circle into a system of understanding and success.

Visit to learn more.

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