January 2014



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Teachers encouraged to highlight student work at State Fair

Teachers have the opportunity to highlight their students’ best work in art, literature and photography at the 2014 South Dakota State Fair. The work must be from the 2013-14 school year and entries must be submitted no later than April 16.

In addition, students in 1st-6th grades may enter an essay contest. This year’s topic is “A Healthy Me is Drug Free.” Students in 5th-8th grade may enter poetry in the Prairie Winds Competition. Winners have their work submitted for publication in the Prairie Winds magazine.

Teachers are also encouraged to nominate outstanding fellow educators for the Most Valuable Educator Award.

And “South Dakota’s Largest Classroom” will again be part of the State Fair in 2014. In 2013, schools from across the state participated with approximately 1,000 students and teachers attending. Learn more about this program here.

Click here for more information on all of these educational opportunities.

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