SD Department of Education. Logo. YEAR IN REVIEW 2016-17
In 2016, the South Dakota Legislature passed historic legislation aimed at increasing the statewide average teacher salary, and recruiting and retaining high quality teachers in the state. Where are we now?

Image of front cover of 2018-19 Superintendants Checklist2018-19 Superintendent's Checklist
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Month-by-month list of important actions required by the South Dakota Department of Education.

Image of the CTE LogoCTE Newsletter
Monthly newsletter for Career and Technical Education

Stock photo of woman laptopEducation Online
Monthly online newsletter directed toward school administrators. Content includes the latest news from the South Dakota Department of Education, upcoming trainings, and initiatives designed to enhance student learning.

Child Nutrition Bulletin
Monthly newsletter from Child and Adult Nutrition Program

Stock photo of computer screen Online Zebra
Monthly online newsletter for South Dakota teachers. Latest news from the Department of Education on events, initiatives and monthly feature on a South Dakota teacher.

star from SD STARS logo SD-STARS

A bi-monthly publication intended to communicate news and events regarding the SD-STARS, the SD Statewide Longitudinal Data System.

Title I Newsletter

Quarterly Title I communication from the South Dakota Department of Education's office of Educational Support and Services.