School, District, and State level Report Cards can be found here.

The 2014 Report Card looks different from previous years’ Report Cards. In the spring of 2014, the majority of schools in the state participated in field testing of new assessments and, as a result, student achievement data is not available for the 2013-14 school year. All other data has been updated and is reflected in the 2014 Report Cards.

School classifications under South Dakota’s accountability system are holding steady for the 2014-15 school year and are based on the data in the 2013 Report Card. The system is based on a 100-point School Performance Index, or SPI. The SPI consists of multiple indicators to measure a school’s performance. Two distinct indexes are used: 1) one for elementary/middle school accountability, and 2) one for high school accountability.


2012-13 School Performance Index Scores

Elementary/Middle Schools Excel | PDF

High Schools Excel | PDF

Small Schools Excel | PDF

NCLB Distinguished Districts/Schools
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Report Card Tables
Math 2013-14 Reading 2013-14
Math 2012-13 Reading 2012-13
Math 2011-12 Reading 2011-12
Math 2010-11 Reading 2010-11
Math 2009-10 Reading 2009-10
Math 2008-09 Reading 2008-09
Math 2007-08 Reading 2007-08
Math 2006-07 Reading 2006-07
Math 2005-06 Reading 2005-06
Math 2004-05 Reading 2004-05
Math 2003-04 Reading 2003-04
Math 2002-03 Reading 2002-03
Graduation/Completer Rates
Graduation Rate 2013-14 Completer Rate 2013-14
Graduation Rate 2012-13 Completer Rate 2012-13
Graduation Rate 2011-12
Graduation Rate 2010-11