South Dakota’s Academic Growth Model

Beginning with the 2015-2016 school year report cards, South Dakota will incorporate academic growth as one of the three key indicators that make up the School Performance Index (SPI) at the elementary and middle school levels. This growth model is only for the purposes of the SPI; it will not be used to measure student growth for teacher evaluations.

Convening in the spring of 2013, the growth model work group has studied and made recommendations for a research-based growth model to be used as part of the state’s accountability system. After considering a number of models, the group selected Student Growth Percentiles as the most appropriate model to measure academic growth in South Dakota.

In the spring of 2015, the group met to make its final recommendations. Please see the below presentation for a detailed description on how Academic Growth SPI indicator points will be awarded.

Academic Growth Key Indicator Details


The growth model work group was made up of teachers, administrators, leaders of professional education organizations and other experts from around the state. Members have included:

Member List
Marcus Bevier Scott Fossum Matt Gill
Abby Javurek-Humig Kim Kludt Sara Kock
Kamal Kumar Ann Larsen Jennifer Martius
Melissa Mebius April Moen Becky Nelson
Cindy Niederbaumer Tracy Noldner Colleen O'Neil
Daniel Palmer Gay Pickner Lisa Plumb
Susan Smit Darrell Stacey Lennie Symes
Tim Thompson Paul Turman Diana Tyler
Wade Pogany Laura Scheibe Kim Carlson
Walli Tarzi Sara Gross


For more information, contact Laura Scheibe at (605) 773-4773.