Mentoring Work Group

South Dakota legislation passed Senate Bill 133 which provides funding to start a mentoring program for first and second year teachers, including a summer induction program following the first year of employment. All first and second year teachers will have the opportunity to have a mentor.

To assist in moving forward, a workgroup was created which will lead the work towards developing and implementing the South Dakota Mentoring program.

Will Meet in the Summer – Date to Be Determined

Previous Meetings
May 11, 2016 Agenda May 11, 2016 Meeting Notes

Work group members
Clarke, Jean Retired Teacher
Dove, Tim CCSSO Consultant
Guffin, Becky Aberdeen School District
Hermsen, Cella White River School District
Johnson, Deb Chamberlain School District
Keegan, Nicole Rapid City School District
Larson, Jennifer Sanborn Central School District
Lutz, Sarah Stanley County School District
McCorkle, Mary SDEA President
Mikkelson, Shelly Belle Fourche School District
Mittelstedt, Rich SDEA
Neville, Alan Northern State University
Nganga, Christine South Dakota State University
Olson, Diane ESA
Outka, Janeen ESA
Rasmussen, Tanya Harrisburg School District
Reiner, Nicol Sioux Falls School District
Simpson, Scott Black Hills State University
Steever, Sharla ESA
Swank, Katey Black Hills State University
Turnipseed, Sue Retired Teacher
Wiebers, Robin University of South Dakota