2016 Title Conference

Aug. 1-2, Oacoma

This conference is focused on current issues in education and is the primary conference for Title I schools. It emphasizes the critical nature of doing what is right and what is needed to help every child succeed.

2016 SDSL subscription electronic resources quick guide alpha
Academic Talk Breakout Aug 2
Art and Science Resources
Biggest Bang Theory
Blended Learning - Action Plan
Bottom Line: Improved Learning
Bully Prevention
Bully Prevention In Positive Behavior Support Elementary
Bully Prevention In Positive Behavior Support Middle School
Dialogue Not Monologue- Technology and Effective Student Discourse
Digital Library Overview
Educator Effectiveness Update
Engaging and supporting all Learners Keynote day 2
eResource Map 2016
ESSA Let's Talk August 2016 with Title I slide 8-4-16
Expect Respect Handbook
Facing the Unknown: Wakpala Elementarys Journey Towards Maximizing Student Achievement
Fred Factor... Teacher's Guide
Free Online Digital Resources for all learners
Hand On Minds On Art and Science
How to Make Personal Connections with At-Risk Students-Best practices in an Alternative Setting
How to Share Data with Families
How to teach reading to recently arrived secondary students with limited or interrupted formal education
iPads for ELLs Handouts
IPADS for ELLs in the Classroom
It's the teaching, not the technology
Kindergarten Transition
Leaders of Learning - Rapid City General Beadle
Making Connections Assessment Accountability and Evaluations REVISED
Mindset in the Classroom
MLP Orientation SD T1
MTSS Weaving Initiatives, 2016
Principal Effectiveness Combined Roadmaps
RtI Discussion with Wakpala summer 2016
Schoolwide Programs: To be or not To be OR We are, aren’t we?
Systemic Collaborative Process
Teaching Families WHY Attendance Matters
Technology Action Plan
Toolkit for Family Engagement
Turnaround2 Teacher Effectiveness
We talk about teaching - Let's learn more about it
2015 Determining Eligibility Brief
Do's and Don'ts for School Districts
Teaching Students Who Are Not Permanently Housed
The signs of homelessness
Title I Conference Fiscal 16
Warning Signs of Homelessness