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Opportunity For Educators

SBAC recruiting SD educators for 2020 assessment activities

The Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium is recruiting qualified South Dakota educators to support assessment activities in 2020. Smarter Balanced is recruiting for three kinds of educator activities for English language arts and math:

  • Item Authoring and Item Review
  • Item Review for Content, Fairness, and Accessibility
  • Rangefinding

How to apply

Interested educators should use this application link to submit their information.

Educators should meet the following qualifications:

  • Currently certified or licensed to teach ELA/literacy or mathematics in a K–12 public school or certified to teach English learners and/or students with disabilities; and
  • Currently teaching in a public school or currently employed by a public school, district, or state education entity including higher education located within a Smarter Balanced member state; and
  • Within the past three years:
    • Have taught ELA/literacy or mathematics in grades 3 through 8 and/or high school or have worked in a classroom content support role such as a literacy or district or state content specialist
    • AND/OR
    • Have taught students with disabilities and/or English learners in grades 3 through 8 and/or high school or have worked in a support role such as a district/school coordinator or instructional specialist. Specializations in visual impairments or teaching for students who are deaf and hard of hearing are encouraged.
  • Have previously reviewed part or all of the state content standards for the content area in which they are interested in working.
  • For item writing, all educators must submit a statement of interest upon request that describes (a) the reason(s) for their interest in developing items for the Smarter Balanced assessment system and (b) their qualifications for doing so.
Educators who have documented expertise in the areas of science and/or social science may apply for ELA/literacy item review. Some activities will have additional preferred experience qualifications.

Description of activities

Item Authoring
Educators participating in item review for content alignment may or may not also be assigned sets of items to write during the first phase of development. Assignments would range from 10–25 items depending on the task model and content assigned. Assignments would take approximately 20 hours to complete following the item review meeting. Educators would have approximately one month to complete the item writing assignment.

Item Review
Educators will complete an onsite review of pre-field test items for English language arts/literacy or mathematics, considering content, fairness, and accessibility criteria. Smarter Balanced item quality criteria will be provided to item reviewers at the beginning of the meetings. Smarter Balanced staff and the contractor will facilitate and conduct meetings as a collaborative process with selected educators from Smarter Balanced member states.

At rangefinding, educators will review student responses for field test items and confirm scores related to the rubric. At a subsequent meeting, a different group of educators will review English language arts/literacy or mathematics items with statistical flags of the field test data to determine if the items are appropriate for inclusion in the Smarter Balanced item bank. Reviewers will receive training on interpreting the statistical flags and the review process at the beginning of the data review process.

Duration and timing of work

Duration and timing of work
Onsite meetings will be scheduled for three to five days. Item authoring and data review may require additional work outside the onsite meeting. Educators will be compensated as defined in the invitation letter for any work completed outside of the onsite meetings.

Logistics of in-person meetings
Selected participants will receive information related to travel to the meeting location. A designated contractor will provide lodging, travel costs, and applicable reimbursements to each participant. For educators, these reimbursements may include parking, meals outside of the meeting, and substitute reimbursement defined by local policy.

Tentative activity dates are listed below:
  • Math Item Review: week of Oct. 26, 2020
  • ELA Item Review: week of Oct. 26, 2020