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College Readiness Coursework:

Accuplacer/MyFoundationsLab provides students the opportunity to show South Dakota's public postsecondary schools that they have the skills needed to take credit-bearing coursework even if they did not meet the ACT benchmarks.

With the Accuplacer/MyFoundationsLab program, students begin by taking the Accuplacer diagnostic exam. The online diagnostic exam is untimed and analyzes each student’s academic strengths and weaknesses in detail. Assessments cover reading, writing, arithmetic and algebra. The results of the diagnostic exam then generate an individualized learning path for each student within another online program called MyFoundationsLab. Students use tutorials, interactive instruction and practice exercises with instant feedback to gain mastery. Once students complete their learning path within the MyFoundationsLab, they take another Accuplacer exam. The results of the final Accuplacer are then used to place students into credit-bearing coursework.

The Accuplacer/MyFoundationsLab program allows high school seniors to complete College Readiness coursework while still in high school. Students who successfully complete the Accuplacer/MyFoundationsLab program while in high school are able to avoid college readiness coursework at South Dakota’s Technical Institutes and Board of Regents institutions and with direction from their university admissions, register directly into credit-bearing coursework, saving both time and money.

Contact the counselor at your local school district for more information or to sign up a student.