2019 Legislature

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Throughout the legislative session, the department provides information to legislators for use in making decisions regarding education in South Dakota. While much of this information is already available online, we have posted it here in one convenient location for lawmakers and others who are interested.

2017-2018 South Dakota School District Profile Data
5 Year Open Enrollment Summary
10 Year History of General State Aid Levies & Allocations
10 Year History of Special Education Levies & Allocations
Average Teacher Compensation, by District FY2017 & FY2018
Capital Outlay Certificate Survey Data 2018
Excess Cash Balance Calculations
Fall 2018 Census Enrollment, by Grade – Public School Districts
Fall 2018 Census Enrollment, by Grade – Non-Public Schools
FY2018 Transfers - Capital Outlay to General Fund
FY2020 Other Revenue Equalization
General Fund Revenues, FY2018
General Obligation Bond Survey Data 2018
History of Home School Student Count, by District
State Aid Fall Enrollments, by District Fall 2005-2018
State Aid Issue Brief, FY2019
Reports :
FY2018 ECF Funding Summary
Fall Enrollment Fund Balances
Monthly Cash Balances Report Card
Statistical Digest School Finance Accountability Board