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Farm to School Program

Farm to School connects schools with local food producers to provide students with fresh, healthy food grown by members of the community. It is also a program that educates kids about food production from seed to salad. Farm to School promotes field trips to local farms, school gardens, and cooking lessons for kids.

Farm to School programs incorporate three core elements: local food from local producers, education in food production and preparation, and school or youth gardens. This program empowers children and their families to make informed choices while strengthening the local economy and contributing to vibrant communities.

F2S Regional Buyer/Grower Summit - SNP and SFSP

Child and Adult Nutrition Services-DOE in partnership with SDSU Extension are hosting regional buyer/grower gatherings for free (in-person) in Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Rapid City, and virtually in March. These evening events will provide farmers, ranchers, child nutrition professionals, and summer feeding program operators with brief training and the opportunity to learn and grow F2S in SD communities.

Event dates and locations:

For more information, contact Janelle Peterson with the SD Department of Education, Child and Adult Nutrition Services
605-679-6788 , or