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Which Application Should I Complete?

Certificate Renewal

You should select Certificate Renewal if you need to renew an existing certificate. The option you select is based on your existing certificate.

  • Educator Renewal – Five Year

    Select this application if you want to renew an active teacher, administrator, and/or educator specialist certificate.

    Tips for Completing the Application

  • Provisional – Renewal

    Select this application if you have a provisional certificate, based on out-of-state reciprocity, and want to request an additional year to complete the South Dakota Indian Studies course.

  • Military/Military Spouse – Renewal

    Select this application if you have received an Initial Military/Military Spouse certification and the active duty orders have been extended.

  • Permit ONLY – Renewal

    Select this application if you have an Educator Permit ONLY Certificate. You should not select this option if you have a teacher, administrator, or education specialist certificate.

  • Alternative Certification – Renewal

    Select this application if you have an alternative certificate and need to request an additional year to complete the alternative certification requirements.

    Alternative Certification options include:

    • General Education Alternative Certification
    • Teach for America (TFA) Alternative Certification
    • Career and Technical Education (CTE) Alternative Certification
    • Special Education Alternative Certification
    • Superintendent Alternative Certification
    • K-12 Principal Alternative Certification

  • TRANSITION from Alternative Certification

    Select this application if you have completed all requirements of the Alternative Certification Program and want to convert your certificate to a teacher or administrator certificate.

  • Alternative PRELIMINARY – Renewal

    Select this application if you are not going through alternative certification and want to renew the Alternative Preliminary Certificate for two more years.

Initial – Alternative Certification (Step 2)

You should select Initial – Alternative Certification (Step 2) if you have been hired by a school district with the expectation you will complete the alternative certification route. There are multiple alternative certification options. You should read each alternative certification description closely to determine the appropriate option.

Note: If you have already received your first alternative certificate you will need to select Alternative Certification – Renewal which is in the Certificate Renewal section.

Types of Alternative Options for Teachers

Invalid Certificate – Temporary

You should select Invalid Certificate - Temporary if your certificate has become invalid. This is a one-year non-renewable option that will allow you time to meet the increased renewal requirements.

This option should be selected if you have one of the following types of certificates:

Request a Change

You should select Request a Change if you need to update your certificate. If you are renewing your certificate and need to make an update, you should select the appropriate renewal option.

  • Correction to Certificate Issued in Past 30 Days

    Select this application if you want to correct a typographical or clerical error on a certificate issued in the past 30 days.

  • Add Endorsement or Update Existing Certificate

    Select this application if you want to add an endorsement or move to an advanced level prior to the scheduled renewal of your application. This will not extend the expiration date of the certificate.

    According to ARSD 24:28:18:05, coursework required to add an endorsement must be completed within the 10 year period prior to the application.

  • Request a Duplicate or Update Demographics

    Select this application if you want to request a duplicate certificate or update your name, address, and/or email.

  • Public Record Request

    Select this application if you want to request documentation that has previously been submitted for your application. Typically, this includes copies of contact hours or other documents needed for an initial or renewal certificate. If you need copies of transcripts you should first contact the university where you completed the course.