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Content Standards:
Social Studies Standards Revision Process

The timeline for standards revision is adopted by the South Dakota Board of Education Standards for the purpose of reviewing academic content standards in all areas. Standards are typically scheduled for review and adoption on a five- to seven-year rotation.

The social studies encompass several disciplines. In their study of history, civics, geography, and economics, South Dakota children deserve the following.

  • Genuine content in the form of specific stories, historical figures, maps, research, images, and historical documents
  • Sound skills for making sense of the past, understanding their neighbors, earning a livelihood, and exercising the rights and responsibilities of citizenship with prudence
  • Honest, balanced, and complete accounts of historical events and debates that foster a love of country that, like any love, is not blind to faults
  • History and civics instruction free from political agendas and activism

Social Studies Standards. Link to pdf.

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With the development of new standards, the Department of Education intends to offer comprehensive professional development to support teachers in building their own knowledge and skills for teaching social studies. Events will be held beginning summer of 2023 and continue throughout the school year to ensure educators are well equipped to implement the standards. New South Dakota specific instructional materials and classroom resources will be created and made available online. Additionally, a guide will be written to assist schools and school boards in identifying processes for selecting curriculum that aligns to the standards.

Social Studies
South Dakota Social Studies Standards - Adopted 2023
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