Welcome to the 2020 Virtual CTE Conference.

As we navigate through unprecedented challenges, we hope you find what you need in our three days of
programming. This year was going to be one of changes even . . . “before.” The reality we all face
simply accelerated some of those and in other ways, threw old assumptions out the window.

What has not changed is the passion we all share for the students of South Dakota. The sacrifices you
made this spring to keep your students engaged and learning, the new approaches you are taking as you
look towards the fall, in the end the “why” all comes down to our students.

Students will need us to design high quality classes, programs, and outside-the-classroom supports more
now than ever before. It is what will keep them engaged in their learning, navigate their career paths
into the uncertainty ahead, and know they will come out with credentials that matter. They will need us
to give them our best.

In order to do so, they will need you to be at your best.

We named our conference “Recharge, Refresh, Renew” with a purpose. This conference and our
programming is about you, and we hope what you need at this moment. Take advantage of all the
opportunities available, or pop in for just a session or two. Take what you need, use it to recharge your
batteries, and head confidently into fall with a renewed outlook.

We at SD DOE will be there for you.

Laura K. Scheibe
State Director