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The South Dakota Career & Technical Education Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CTE-CLNA) will gather accurate and objective information so South Dakota school districts and consortiums can implement manageable action processes to ensure their local CTE options provide learners with the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for college, careers, and lifelong learning. LEAs and consortiums will use this information to implement strategies to transform and expand CTE programs so that each learner-regardless of background, age, or zip code-is prepared for career and college success.


Because of the uncertainties schools are facing this school year, DCTE has determined to give schools an extra year to prepare for the full CLNA process as required under our Perkins V state plan. Only a select group of entities will be piloting the CLNA process. Entities outside those piloting the CTE CLNA do not need to work on their CTE CLNA at this time.

Component 6: Resource Responsibility

Component 6 will be completed at the consortium and entity level. Pilot entities will be provided the necessary resources when needed.