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The South Dakota Career & Technical Education Comprehensive Local Needs Assessment (CTE-CLNA) will gather accurate and objective information so South Dakota school districts and consortiums can implement manageable action processes to ensure their local CTE options provide learners with the knowledge and skills they need to prepare for college, careers, and lifelong learning. LEAs and consortiums will use this information to implement strategies to transform and expand CTE programs so that each learner-regardless of background, age, or zip code-is prepared for career and college success.

Component 1: Student Performance
Forms and Templates
Data Resources
Support Resources
Component 6: Resource Responsibility

Forms and Templates

Support Resources
  • Perkins Budget Allocation Report - coming soon!
Analyze Data
Coding the Data
  • Sample Coding Categories

Identify the Needs
  • Emerging Needs by Component Template

Prioritize Needs
  • Prioritizing Needs Excel Doc Worksheet
  • Prioritizing Needs Summary Worksheet

Root Cause Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis Handout
  • Training opportunities
  • Five Whys Template
  • Consensus Building Strategy: The Focusing Four
  • Alignment Opportunities Handout

Connect to Implementation
  • Program Improvement Action Plan
  • Recruitment, Retention & Training Action Plan