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Teacher and Principal Effectiveness:
State-Recommended Model

Teacher Effectiveness
South Dakota’s Commission on Teaching and Learning has developed a model system for teacher evaluation that includes a focus on professional practices and a focus on student growth as measured by student learning objectives, or SLOs.
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Principal Effectiveness
Building on previous work, South Dakota’s Commission on Teaching and Learning has developed principal standards and a model system for evaluating principals that includes a focus on both professional practices and student growth.
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Frontline Education
Frontline Education gives public school districts access to a complete online observation and evaluation management system, high-quality training over the South Dakota Framework for Teaching, and observation training and assessment for administrators. Click here to learn more.

Counselor Evaluation Document
Please note that the Counselor Evaluation is NOT part of the Waiver, but simply a tool designed specifically for counselors based on the Charlotte Danielson Framework. To view the entire School Counselor Evaluation Tool. Read a complete copy of the SD Comprehensive Counseling Model.

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