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JAG-SD Schools

JAG-SD currently operations in 7 school districts serving a diverse population of students across South Dakota. While JAG-National has multiple program applications, JAG-SD focuses on Middle School and Multi-Year Programs.

Middle School Model
The primary mission of the Middle School Program is to help 6th through 8th graders to transition more successfully from middle to high school. Specialists provide an array of counseling, skills development, career association, and experiential learning experiences that will improve their academic performance, school behavior, attendance, confidence, participation and self-esteem. Middle School participants will improve their skills in leading and being an effective member of a team. This model is currently offered at Wagner Middle School and Andes Central Middle School.

Multi-Year Model
The Multi-Year Program helps 9th to 12th graders facing multiple challenges to graduation prepare for and successfully remain in high school, attain employability skills through classroom and work-based learning experiences, graduate and receive twelve (12) months of follow-up services. In the follow-up period, JAG participants are successfully transitioned into a career and/or pursue a postsecondary education to enhance career entry and advancement. The primary mission of the Multi-Year Program is to keep participants in high school through graduation and improve the rate of success in achieving education and career goals.