National Board Teacher Certification/
National Certified School Counselor Fee Reimbursement and Stipends

Individuals obtaining a National Board Teachers certificate or a National Certified School Counselor certificate, that are employed by a South Dakota public school may be eligible for the following:

Fee payments

Upon obtaining National Board Certification or National Certified School Counselor certification, the Department of Education shall reimburse any fees personally paid by the teacher or counselor for initial, retake, and Take One applications. Reimbursement of fees is limited as follows:

  1. Does not include fees paid by a scholarship or outside source;
  2. Is available for public school teachers and counselors only; and
  3. Is paid only for those teachers obtaining National Board Certification or National Certified School Counselor certification as a certified teacher or school counselor employed in South Dakota.

Stipend payments

Each $2,000 stipend ($1,000 to be paid by the Department of Education and $1,000 to be paid by the school district) is paid annually to a teacher or school counselor.

A payment must follow these guidelines:

  1. A stipend is paid to a public school teacher or school counselor;
  2. A National Board Certified Teacher or National Certified School Counselor* who moves into public school administration is eligible for continued stipend payments;
  3. The Department of Education shall notify each school district of any individual eligible for the stipend. The school district shall make payment during the school term the teacher first obtains National Board or National Certified School Counselor* certification and during the following four school terms;
  4. A district may opt to continue the stipend payment for an additional five years to be matched by the Department of Education up to a maximum of $1000;
  5. If an individual does not complete an entire year of teaching or counseling or is teaching or counseling part-time in the public school district, the stipend is pro-rated for the number of months of service to the district;
  6. A district may make the determination on how to fulfill the district's payment responsibilities to the candidate.
**Pursuant to SD Codified Law 13-1-54 regarding National Certified School Counselors, a counselor who has earned the credential of National Certified School Counselor MAY receive a payment of two thousand dollars per year. The department is not required to pay a teacher a stipend unless the school district employing the counselor opts to pay a stipend. As long as funding is available, the department plans to pay the State portion of the stipend ($1,000).

Required Claim Forms
Certification Years 1-5 Stipend Claim Form
Certification Years 6-10 Stipend Claim Form
Fee Reimbursement Claim Form
Form W-9
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