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While teacher licensure systems set the basic requirements to teach in each state, completion of National Board Certification signifies that teachers have voluntarily gone much further. NBCTs have developed and demonstrated the advanced knowledge, skills and practices required of an outstanding educator.

Standards for each content area and developmental level are created by teachers, for teachers. They represent a consensus among educators about what accomplished, effective teachers should know and be able to do to improve student learning and achievement. Board certification is available in 25 certificate areas, from Pre-K through 12th grade.

Certification consists of four components: written assessment of content knowledge, reflection on student work samples, video and analysis of teaching practice, and documented impact and accomplishments as a teaching professional. Throughout its more than 25-year history, the National Board has sought to review and revise its standards and certification process to reflect best practices in teaching. Throughout the process, you will be able to apply what you’re learning to your classroom practice and connect with other teachers pursuing certification. Recognizing the many demands on teachers’ time, the process is designed to be flexible, efficient and affordable.

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SDEA’s Jump Start! Training

NEA National Board Jump Start is a comprehensive seminar designed to provide National Board candidates important information about the certification process, time to examine component and Assessment Center requirements, the opportunity to plan how to meet requirements, and time to collaborate, gather resources and information needed to pursue certification — all in a supportive, constructive, and collegial environment.

Mon., July 22 - Wed., July 24, 2019 at Arrowhead Resort & Conference Center at Cedar Shore in Oacoma, SD

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SD DOE National Board Certification Teacher Cohort
The SD Dept of Education has established a cohort for teachers who are pursuing National Board Certification. The goal of the cohort is to provide support and guidance as you move through the NBCT process. If you would like to be part of this cohort you must:
  1. Create an account with NBCT and register to begin the certification process here:
  2. You must allow "Third Party Requests' under NB Service Requests. This will allow our Candidate Support Facilitators to see your registration information.
  3. Complete the short survey indicating your wish to be part of the cohort here:
  4. These steps must be completed by October 4, 2019 to participate in the next cycle. See below for more information regarding the process.
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