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Waivers: High School Unit Offerings

ARSD 24:43:11:07 Required High School Unit Offerings
School districts must offer a minimum of the following every two years:

  1. Four units of language arts which include a minimum of the following:
    (a) One and one-half units of writing;
    (b) One unit of literature;
    (c) One-half unit of American literature; and
    (d) One-half unit of speech or debate;
  2. Three units of social studies which include a minimum of the following:
    (a) One unit of U.S. history;
    (b) One-half unit of U.S. government;
    (c) One-half unit of geography; and
    (d) One-half unit of world history;
  3. Four units of mathematics which must include a minimum of one unit of algebra I, one unit of algebra II, and one unit of geometry;
  4. Four units of science which must include a minimum of one unit of biology and one unit of chemistry or physics. Three units must be in laboratory science;
  5. One unit of fine arts;
  6. One-half unit of physical education;
  7. One-half unit of economics or personal finance;
  8. Two units of the same world language;
  9. One-half unit of computer science until September 1, 2013;
  10. One unit of approved career and technical education courses;
  11. Effective September 1, 2013, either a capstone experience or service learning; and
  12. Effective September 1, 2013, one-half unit of health or health integration which may be offered in grades six through 12. School districts that offer health or health integration in grades six, seven, or eight must use the waiver process described in chapter 24:43:08.

Current Approved Waivers
District/School Name Expires June 30
Sioux Falls 49-5 2022

For questions relating to ARSD Waivers, email: doeaccred@state.sd.us
Read the Rules Governing Waivers