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Waivers: Plan of Intent


All teachers must be state-certified. In addition, teachers must be authorized to teach the courses they are assigned. A district wishing to employ a teacher who is not authorized in the area to which he or she is assigned must complete a one-year plan of intent with the teacher. The plan of intent is reported to the state through the Personnel Record Form (PRF). A teacher may be on a plan of intent for up to two years. Districts wishing to employ a certified teacher who has exhausted the two years on a plan of intent and who remains unauthorized in his or her area of assignment must request a waiver by completing the form below.

Please note, districts will be prompted by the PRF if there are certified teachers in the district who have exceeded two years on a plan of intent and who lack a waiver from the department.


Administrator alternative certification. 24:28:15:01. An applicant for administrator alternative certification may perform administrative duties at a public or Department-accredited school or district while pursuing alternative certification as a superintendent or principal, but may not act as both a superintendent and principal while completing the administrator alternative certification. An applicant may complete superintendent administrator alternative certification or principal administrator alternative certification.

Read the complete ARSD 24:43:02:08.

Current Approved Waivers
District/School Name Expires June 30
Alcester-Hudson 61-1 2022
Burke 26-2 2022
Cornbelt Educational Cooperative 60201 2022
Custer 16-1 2022
Henry School 14-2 2022
Marion 60-3 2022
McLaughlin 15-2 2022
Pierre 32-2 2022
Platte Geddes 11-5 2022
Rapid City Catholic 51308 2022
Timber Lake 20-3 2022
Wolsey-Wessington 02-6 2022

For questions relating to ARSD Waivers, email: doeaccred@state.sd.us
Read the Rules Governing Waivers