South Dakota Assessment Portal

The South Dakota Assessment Portal (SDAP) is an online resource to help educators create, deliver, and track classroom and summative assessments for their students. The new SDAP contains several features and functions, as outlined on this page.

To access the South Dakota Assessment Portal, go to

SDAP at a Glance Overview PowerPoint
SLO Connection PowerPoint Help Guide: Create Tests
Help Guide: Create Items Help Guide: Use Pre-Made Forms
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iTester is the platform used to deliver benchmark/interim classroom assessment and End of Course summative assessment testing online. This platform offers iTester Admin and iTester client.

iTester Admin allows State, District and School personnel to view the current status of a particular administration, add and edit users, add students, schedule test sessions, and assign test forms.

iTester Client is the test delivery system.

Test Builder

Test Builder is the platform used to create items and tests to be delivered through iTester. Test Builder offers two programs.

Data Interaction

Data Interaction is eMetric’s web-based platform for data integration, dissemination and analytics of most classroom and summative as well as D-STEP testing results. It provides a variety of data visualization and graphical features which enable data to be represented in the form of graphs, histograms, ling graphs, scatter plots and pie charts.

Training Options

1) Request district training from your ESA off of the Menu of Options
2) View an online webinar at the bottom of the page

Help Guides:
SDAP Overview Overview Powerpoint
Teachers: 1-page Guide Using SDAP for SLOs
Testing Coordinators: Short Guide Teachers: Guide to use Pre-Made Forms
Teachers: Create Class and View Individual DSTEP Data Creating Items
Pre-ID File Layout (using Infinite Campus) Uploading Pre-ID File
Uploading Pre-ID File Guide  

eMetric Documents:
Data Interaction Manual eMetric 2003-12 Statewide Data
IT Infrastructure Training iTester Installation Workstation Readiness Guide
iTester Manual SDAP Overview Training
SDAP ITC Training SDAP Emetric Portal
TestBuilder Manual  

Testing Coordinator
New Teacher Training Veteran Teacher Training
April 2013 EOC Webinar itester3 SDAP District Training


For more information about iTester, Test Builder, or Data Interaction, contact Chris Booth at (605) 773-6156.