District Technology Plans

A new technology plan is required only if your district or organization intends to request E-rate Priority 2 funding for internal connections and/or basic maintenance of internal connections.

A district technology plan is no longer required for:

- districts or organizations that does not apply for Priority 2 E-rate funding, and applies for E-rate only for Priority 1 funding of telecommunications services and/or Internet access services
- districts or organizations that does not apply for E-rate at all

2012-15 Tech Plan Guidelines Sample - Acceptable Use Policy
Sample - Child Internet Protection Sample - Goals/Objectives
Sample - Needs Assessment

The District Technology Plan is a document that guides the school districts in appropriating technology to effectively teach students, develop staff proficiencies, and maximize technology equipment usage. The Department of Education requires a Technology Plan to be on file for each educational entity that receives federal funding for telecommunications services as filed by the state (E-Rate) and as a basis for Title II, Part D funding under the Consolidated Application.

The South Dakota Department of Education has provided a standardized format to assist school districts in developing and revising their plans. It is recommended that this format be followed when compiling the District Technology Plan in order to meet E-Rate and Title II-D requirements. Each district may add other components or information to make the Tech Plan a viable document individualized for each district.

Technology plans and revision addendums can be submitted electronically to techplans@state.sd.us or can be mailed to:
Technology Plan
South Dakota Department of Education
ATTN: Lisa Rae, Office of Finance and Management
800 Governors Drive, Pierre, SD 57501