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South Dakota – Student Teacher Accountability and Reporting System

The Student Teacher Accountability Reporting System (SD-STARS) is a State Longitudinal Data System (SLDS) that will drive the educational initiatives to improve instruction and student performance. The goal is for SD-STARS to securely consolidate and link all educational data that currently resides within the SD-DOE. In other words, it pulls data that is already available from different sources (ex: Infinite Campus, assessments), dumps data into a centralized system, and links data together. This will increase data availability for reporting and analysis used by teachers, schools, districts, and the SD-DOE as well as external stakeholders, such as policy makers and researchers. SD-STARS will also allow for deeper and richer performance analysis by bringing student, teacher, principal, and financial data together.


The purpose of SD–STARS is to aid, measure, inform. Educators will have the ability to access and use high quality data to aid in informing instruction and decision-making. To this end, data will be displayed in an easily understood format and educators will be trained so they are able to identify trends and conduct thorough analyses. Through SD-STARS, students’ outcomes will be measured so educators can identify at-risk students, examine achievement gaps, evaluate programs, recognize strengths, and address areas for improvement. Ultimately, stakeholders will develop a more holistic view of our education system and use that picture to inform systemic change.


SD-STARS has 4 key components:

Data Warehouse —Repository that stores student, teacher and school data from various sources over many years

Portal —Secure place where users can access and interact with data from the warehouse

Reports —Tools that allow users to look at and analyze key data

Training –Opportunities to learn about how to use SD-STARS for informing practice/decisions


Security to protect the privacy of individuals is a high priority. In addition to other security measures, SD-STARS will limit what a person will be allowed to see. For example, a teacher will only be able to view data for the children he teaches, and a principal would be able to see children in her school. This maintains FERPA compliance.

Current Status

Completed Work
• Purchased customizable SLDS system
• Applied for and awarded SLDS grant from Institute of Education Sciences (IES)
• Piloted and rolled out SD-STARS to all districts
• Developed an initial set of reports and modified reports based on district feedback
• Created a training plan for districts and ESAs
• Produced accountability reports through SD-STARS

Work in Progress

• Training districts on how to access and use SD-STARS, with support from ESAs
• Modeling and gathering data from source systems (ex: Personnel Record Form, Perkins)
• Defining data governance structure to make decisions around data within South Dakota
• Offering data use classes for teachers and administrators
• Integrating SD-STARS with higher education and workforce

Future Work

• Will continue to develop additional reports based on the needs of users
• Will explore the loading of local assessments (ex: DIBELS, AIMSWeb, Map)
• Will determine if and how non-public schools could be involved in SD-STARS

K-20+ Data Governance Policy Institutional Review Board Approval
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Sara Kock, SLDS Project Manager, (605) 773-6158
Kim Carlson, SLDS Project Manager, (605) 773-8062