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Educator Disciplinary Action

Pursuant to the authority granted to the Secretary of the Department of Education by SDCL Chapter 13-42, the Secretary may refuse to issue, renew, revoke, or suspend a certificate. The final decision of the Secretary regarding a certificate, along with the Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law, are a public record (SDCL 13-42-17.1). If disciplinary action is imposed by the Secretary or a Professional Practices Commission, pursuant to SDCL Chapter 13-42 and 13-43, the written record and evidence from the hearing may be disclosed to authorities within this state, another state, the District of Columbia, or a territory or country in which the applicant or certficate holder holds a certificate or has applied for a certificate (SDCL 13-42-17.1). Records of revocation and suspension are provided to the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification (NASDTEC) clearinghouse.

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The following individuals have action taken on their educator application or certification. No public or accredited school in South Dakota may employ an individual whose certificate has been revoked or suspended, unless they have been reinstated (SDCL 13-43-5.1). A revocation or suspension includes refusal to issue or renew a certificate. If any of these individuals present an educator certificate from any state to a school official, please notify the South Dakota Department of Education.

These files are dated from Jan. 1, 2010 to September 25, 2023. Consult Educator 411 to confirm if an individual has an educator certification in South Dakota.

Educator Disciplinary Actions
Name File Number Action Date Effective Date Reinstated (if applicable)
Lanny Gabbert DSE 2023-10 Permanent revocation 08/25/2023 N/A
Shanna Ries DSE 2023-09 Permanent revocation 08/25/2023 N/A
Adam Zabih DSE 2023-06 Permanent revocation 08/16/2023 N/A
Jessica L. Smith DSE 2022-22 Conditional one-year certificate 08/10/2023
Sadie In The Woods DSE 2022-17 Application denied; cannot reapply before July 1, 2027 05/30/2023
Helena Danielson DSE 2022-16 Application denied; cannot reapply before December 31, 2025 05/26/2023
Ryan Bruns DSE 2023-04 Permanent revocation 04/03/2023 N/A
Oscela BlueHorse DSE 2022-06 Application denied; cannot reapply before December 31, 2023 04/06/2023
Dana Strong DSE 2022-15 Application denied 04/07/2023 N/A
Gayle Cady DSE 2023-02 Permanent revocation 01/20/2023 N/A
David Deshler DSE 2022-10 Application denial 01/13/2023 N/A
Rebecca Westra DSE 2022-11 Application withdrew; cannot reapply before July 1, 2024 01/09/2023
Michael Koranda DSE 2022-21 Suspension for five years 12/12/2022
Todd Palmer DSE 2022-20 Permanent revocation 12/12/2022 N/A
Jeickson Pichardo-Castillo DSE 2022-19 Permanent revocation 12/12/2022 N/A
Nathan Tweten DSE 2022-09 Application denied 12/05/2022 N/A
Adam Stratmeyer DSE 2022-13 Application denied 12/05/2022 N/A
John Paul Lowthian DSE 2022-07 Application denied 10/17/2022 N/A
Haley Ringkob DSE 2022-14 Conditional five-year certificate issued 09/28/2022
Christopher Albert DSE 2022-05 Permanent revocation 07/18/2022 N/A
Lori Tvedt DSE 2021-17 Conditional five-year certificate issued 05/18/2022
Nicole Twiss DSE 2021-15 Application denied, cannot reapply before Dec. 15, 2025 04/20/2022
Emma Harrison DSE 2021-16 Application denied; cannot reapply before July 1, 2023 02/08/2022
Allison DeGroot DSE 2021-09 Application denied; cannot reapply before July 1, 2023 02/08/2022
Jalen Boyd DSE 2022-03 Permanent revocation 02/04/2022 N/A
Kenneth Jones DSE 2022-02 Permanent revocation 01/26/2022 N/A
Thad Caldwell DSE 2022-01 Permanent revocation 01/20/2022 N/A
Todd Gannon DSE 2021-14 Conditional three-year certificate issued 09/29/2021
Emily Ayres DSE 2021-13 Permanent revocation 09/16/2021 N/A
Kathryn Baird DSE 2021-12 Conditional one-year certificate issued 09/08/2021
William Massey DSE 2021-08 Application withdrew; cannot reapply before April 1, 2022 10/20/2021 4/13/2022
Sandra Ames-Clark DSE 2021-07 Application denied; prohibited from reapplying 09/03/2021 N/A
James Klages DSE 2021-06 Conditional one-year certificate issued 05/21/2021
Grant Lolley DSE 2020-07 Conditional one-year certificate issued 07/14/2020
Shea Lauren Lindsey DSE 2021-01 Permanent revocation 01/20/2021 N/A
Doyle Johnson DSE 2020-03 Application denied; cannot reapply before July 1, 2021 12/01/2020
Christina A. Stark DSE 2020-10 Suspension for four years 10/13/2020
Daylan Scott Fargo DSE 2020-09 Permanent revocation 08/25/2020 N/A
Eriq Swiftwater DSE 2020-04 Application denied; cannot reapply for five years 06/16/2020
Bradley Jay Miedema DSE 2019-09 Permanent revocation 01/27/2020 N/A
Maddison M. Brown DSE 2019-05 Application denied; cannot reapply until June 8, 2022 02/19/2020 08/09/2022
Justin Marsh DSE 2019-11 Conditional five-year certificate issued 01/06/2020
Ryan A. Brewer DSE 2017-11 Permanent revocation 11/12/2019 N/A
Abigail Bulock DSE 2019-06 Application denied 10/23/2019
Lori Ann Tvedt DSE 2018-06 Application denied 10/23/2019
Derrik John Nelson DSE 2019-10 Permanent revocation 10/02/2019 N/A
Rick Meyerink DSE 2019-07 Suspension for five years 08/26/2019
Keenan Soyland DSE 2019-03 Suspension for five years 06/20/2019
Tamara Lile DSE 2018-02 Application denied 06/08/2019
Cheyenne P. Ziegler DSE 2018-08 Application denied; cannot reapply before June 30, 2021 04/04/2019 09/16/2021
Kenneth Waterbury DSE 2019-01 Permanent revocation 02/06/2019 N/A
Dana K. Heidrich DSE 2017-08 Application denied; cannot reapply before December 31, 2020 10/12/2018
Christopher Borchardt DSE 2018-09 Permanent revocation 09/21/2018 N/A
Brian Sieh DSE 2018-04 Conditional five-year certificate issued 06/01/2018
Paul M. Mulloy DSE 2018-01 Application denied; cannot reapply for three years 06/01/2018
Jana L. Tufty DSE 2017-09 Conditional five-year certificate issued 10/18/2017
Tabor White Buffalo DSE 2017-01 Conditional five-year certificate issued 07/26/2017
Kory S. Foss DSE 2017-04 Conditional five-year certificate issued 05/25/2017
Arlene Maxfield DSE 2017-02 Suspension for five years 02/02/2017
Joseph C. Thompson DSE 2016-12 Application denied; cannot reapply for five years 02/08/2017
Kyle M. Brees DSE 2016-10 Conditional five-year certificate issued 09/10/2016
Nicole B. Twiss DSE 2016-09 Application denied; cannot reaply before August 1, 2018 02/15/2017
Brian J. Smith DSE 2016-08 Permanent revocation 07/05/2016 N/A
Dallas Wilkinson DSE 2016-07 Permanent revocation 07/05/2016 N/A
Erica Coughlin DSE 2016-06 Conditional five-year certificate issued 07/01/2016
Kevin Shot With Arrow DSE 2016-05 Conditional one-year certificate extension 03/28/2016
Jordan Tuntland DSE 2016-04 Permanent revocation 04/04/2016 N/A
Mark Griebel DSE 2016-03 Suspension for two years 04/06/2016
Christopher R. Bartling DSE 2016-02 Application denied; cannot reapply for seven year 06/30/2016
Rhonda Good Shield DSE 2016-01 Conditional five-year certificate issued 01/12/2016
Julie Lakota DSE 2015-20 Application denied; cannot reapply before December 31, 2017 05/23/2016
Tonya Marie Drueppel DSE 2015-19 Permanent revocation 12/14/2015 N/A
Christia Ault DSE 2015-18 Permanent revocation 12/14/2015 N/A
Jessica Nielsen DSE 2015-17 Permanent revocation 12/21/2015 N/A
Memoree M. Skinner DSE 2015-14 Conditional one-year certificate issued 07/21/2015
Brian Sieh DSE 2015-13 Application denied; cannot reapply before December 31, 2017 03/21/2016
Rodd Bauck DSE 2015-11 Conditional five-year certificate issued 06/25/2015
Thomas Mark Wendelgass DSE 2015-10 Permanent revocation 07/23/2015 N/A
Brent V. Brewer DSE 2015-09 Application denied; cannot reapply before December 31, 2016 10/30/2015 10/31/2022
Karen Abbot DSE 2015-07 Conditional ten-year certificate issued 10/28/2014
Justin Dean Kiefer DSE 2015-06 Permanent revocation 04/27/2015 N/A
Hayli DeJong DSE 2015-05 Conditional five-year certificate issued 01/02/2015
Sarah Schmasow DSE 2015-03 Suspension for one year 07/01/2015
Frank Howard Summers DSE 2015-02 Conditional one-year certificate issued 07/01/2014
Gregg Wilson DSE 2014-16 Suspension for two years 11/23/2014
Jessica R. Colombe DSE 2014-14 Application denied 05/29/2015
Matthew John Meyer DSE 2014-12 Application denied 12/04/2014
Michael Dean Reinhiller DSE 2014-10 Suspension for five years 09/05/2014
Kandice Schlagel DSE 2014-07 Permanent revocation 07/31/2014 N/A
Paul E. Hildebrant DSE 2014-04 Permanent revocation 08/19/2021 N/A
Lynes Vincent End Of Horn DSE 2014-02 Application denied 06/17/2014
Brian Charles Sieh DSE 2013-07 Suspension for two years 05/02/2014
Judy Henderson DSE 2013-05 Application denied 12/08/2013
Andrea Royer DSE 2013-04 Application denied; cannot reapply for two years 10/11/2013
Kyle John Keegan DSE 2013-03 Permanent revocation 06/14/2013 N/A
Matthew Campagna OSE 2012-04 Application denied 11/07/2012
Susan M. Bartscher OSE 2012-03 Suspension for one year 07/01/2012
George Sazama OSE 2012-02 Permanent revocation 04/18/2012 N/A
Lisa Robinson OSE 2012-01 Suspension for two years 04/10/2012
Nicolas Lee Jastorff TR 2011-11 Permanent revocation 06/30/2011 N/A
Terry W. Olson TR 2010-10 Suspension for five years 12/29/2010
Patrick Ngufor TR 2010-09 Permanent revocation 09/07/2010 N/A
Joni Adele Kanable TR 2010-07 Permanent revocation 08/10/2010 N/A
Gerry J. Heck TR 2010-06 Permanent revocation 08/10/2010 N/A
Wade A. Mackey TR 2010-04 Permanent revocation 10/14/2009 N/A
Scott Raue TR 2010-03 Permanent revocation 09/02/2009 N/A
Brady V. Hastings TR 2010-02 Permanent revocation 09/02/2009 N/A
Daniel Schuknecht TR 2010-01 Permanent revocation 09/02/2009 N/A