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Richard Hagen-Minerva Harvey Scholarship

Application Deadline: Application deadline has passed.

For questions, call Mark Gageby at 605-773-3727 or email

Program Summary

The Richard Hagen Minerva Harvey Memorial state scholarship program is for enrolled members of American Indian tribes. Once approved, recipients will be authorized to receive up to four years of funding, depending on year of attendance.

Funds are to be used for students attending a public or non-public accredited university, college or technical institute located in South Dakota.

The Hagen Harvey Scholarship Board will determine the number of scholarships to be awarded.

Annual scholarship award amounts include a minimum of $1,000 for each of the first two years of attendance, a minimum of $1,500 for the third year of attendance, and a minimum of $2,500 for the fourth year of attendance.

Scholarship recipients must be enrolled the equivalent of at least 12 credit hours per semester and maintain a cumulative 2.5 grade point average during the course of the scholarship period.

Eligibility Requirements
Candidates must:
  • Graduation from an accredited South Dakota high school
  • Apply within 5 years after high school graduation or within 1 year after release from active military duty (if that release is within 5 years of high school graduation)
  • Be an enrolled member of an American Indian tribe
  • Must attend a public or non-public accredited university, college or technical institute located in South Dakota
Scholarship Application

  • A completed Hagen-Harvey application form
  • An official current high school transcript
  • An official current college/postsecondary transcript for any college/postsecondary study previously undertaken
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Verification of tribal enrollment
  • Essay - Why do you deserve to receive a Hagen-Harvey Memorial Scholarship
  • Extracurricular Activities
  • Community Service
  • Personal Statement
  • ACT, SAT & other test scores (if available)

Submit application to:
South Dakota Department of Education
Office of Finance and Management
ATTN: Mark Gageby
800 Governors Drive
Pierre, SD 57501

Past Scholarship Recipients
    2021 Recipients
    • Lexi Ballard, New Underwood
    • Aiyana Byrd, Faith
    • Brycen Cheney, Wall
    • Jaida Haynes, Philip
    • Elle Hoops, Huron
    • Alyssa Jones, Lower Brule
    • Raleigh Lunderman, Rapid City
    • Emma Lusk, Pierre
    • Kaycee O’Daniel, Kadoka
    • Aubre Westover, Pierre

      2020 Recipients
      • Funding was not available for 2020

        2019 Recipients
        • Funding was not available for 2019

          2018 Recipients
          • Funding was not available for 2018

          2017 Recipients
          • Funding was not available for 2017

          2016 Recipients
          • Funding was not available for 2016

          2015 Recipients
          • Funding was not available for 2015

          2014 Recipients
          • Funding was not available for 2014

          2013 Recipients
          • Tanner Colombe, Mission
          • Chance Knutson, Kadoka
          • Ryan Kornely, Mission
          • Laketon McLaughlin, Wall
          • Dalton Montileaux, Tea
          • Michaela Stroup, Pierre
          • Sage Zephier, Wagner

          2012 Recipients
          • Leo Chasing In Timber, Rapid City
          • Eden Clifford, New Underwood
          • Aspen Ducheneaux, Eagle Butte
          • Dysan Lends His Horse, Eagle Butte
          • Adonnis Martinez, Rapid City
          • Francesca Willard, Chamberlain
          • Brittany Youpee, Rapid City

          2011 Recipients
          • Araya Cournoyer, Lake Andes
          • Katelyn Hump, Dupree
          • Matilyn Kerr, Highmore
          • Alyssa Lothrop, Canton
          • Dakota Marshall, Timber Lake
          • Lindsey Montileaux, Tea
          • Clayton Reinhard, Ft. Pierre

          2010 Recipients
          • Zachary Boyd, Rapid City
          • Brian Drapeaux, Pierre
          • Levi Lange, Black Hawk
          • Kayla Prasek, Watertown
          • Thad Rose, Eagle Butte
          • Tyler Tordsen, Rapid City
          • Jacklyn Willard, Chamberlain

          2009 Recipients
          • Eric Aberle, Timber Lake
          • Bo Bearshield, Gregory
          • Russell Brehmer, Dupree
          • Haylee Brodersen, DeSmet
          • Nicholas Mendoza, Eagle Butte
          • Tyler Oberlander, New Underwood
          • Walker Rose, Eagle Butte

          2008 Recipients
          • Francis Waln, Parmelee
          • Albert Her Many Horses, Rosebud
          • Mariah Emery, Mission
          • LaToya Brave Heart, Kyle
          • Kyrie Campbell, Sisseton
          • Alana Stars, Pierre
          • Lindee Lawrence, Eagle Butte

          2007 Recipients
          • Michaela Seiber, Sisseton
          • Allysen Boetel, Mission Hill
          • David Michaud, Pine Ridge
          • Valeriah Vasek, Lake Andes
          • Jordan Murray, Isabel
          • Tory McCauley, Lower Brule
          • Kaitlyn Dupris, Cherry Creek

          2006 Recipients
          • Wesley Clifford, New Underwood
          • Christina Cordier, Pine Ridge
          • Shawna Cuny, Rapid City
          • Jesse DeCoteau, Sisseton
          • Adam Dell, Rapid City
          • Sean Franklin, Brookings
          • Brian Holmes, Dupree
          • Angela Drown, New Underwood

          2005 Recipients
          • Ann Marie Ducheneaux - Rapid City
          • Raelynn Her Many Horses - Lower Brule
          • Shawn Her Many Horses - Lower Brule
          • Andrea Hicks - Batesland
          • Jordan Mendoza - Eagle Butte
          • Seth Pearman - Eagle Butte
          • Margaret Smith - Batesland
          • Kandace L. McGlynn - Rapid City
          • Kelsey Anne Cavender - Lake Andes
Board Members
  • Lorenzo Bettelyoun, Chairman, Rapid City, Oglala Sioux Tribe
  • Daryl Russell, Lead, Lower Brule Sioux Tribe
  • Amy Boutchee, Pierre, Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe
  • Valentina Merdanian, Oglala, Oglala Sioux Tribe
  • Dr. Sherry Johnson, Sisseton, Sisseston Wahpeton Oyate

Contact Mark Gageby at 605-773-3727 with questions regarding the Hagen-Harvey Scholarship.