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School Health: Profiles

The School Health Profiles is a system of surveys assessing school health policies and programs. The Profiles surveys are conducted biennially by the School Health programs in the South Dakota Departments of Education and Health. Profiles data are collected from self-administered questionnaires from the principal and the lead health education teacher at randomly selected secondary schools. At least 70% of the principals and lead health education teachers in the sample must have completed the survey in order to obtain weighted data. Weighted data represent the state, whereas unweighted data represent only the schools that completed the questionnaire.

Profiles monitors the current status of:

  • School health education requirements and content
  • Physical education and physical activity
  • Practices related to bullying and sexual harassment
  • School health policies related to tobacco-use prevention and nutrition
  • School-based health services
  • Family engagement and community involvement
  • School health coordination