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Special Education Programs:

2019-2020 New Director Webinar Series
Feb. 2020: Fiscal Management Fiscal Management Handout
Jan. 2020: State Performance Plan State Performance Plan Handout
Dec. 2019: Dispute Resolution Child Count Handout
Nov. 2019: Child Count Child Count Handout
Oct. 2019: Accountability Accountability Handout
Topical Webinars
Spring 2020 Legal Update Handout
2019 Spring Legal Update Handout
Attendance Issues for Special Education Students 2015 - Audio Powerpoint Presentation
Challenges in Evaluating, Classifying and Programming for EL Students under the IDEA Handout
Dispute Resolution Handout
General Educators Role in Special Education Handout -General Educators Role
Handout - GenEd Teacher Role
Grading, Report Cards, and Class Ranking Webinar Handout
Individual Health Plans Handout
Medicaid Direct Services (Feb 4, 2014)
Medicaid Eligibility and Referral Part 1 - (Currently being update & will be available next spring.) Direct Services and submit claims Part 2 - (Currently being update & will be available next spring.)
Navigating Your Responsibilities to Parentally-Placed Private School Children 2015 Handout
Parental Prior Written Notice Handout
Prior Written Notice
SPP Resource Binder
State Report Data Drill Down and Analysis of District Reports
Surrogate Parents Presentation
Transportation (IDEA)
Truancy Handout

2016 How to Reach Those you Teach Series
Autism Spectrum Disorder handout
Behavior and Behavior Plans handout
Differentiated Instruction Handout
Disability Training Handout