Day 1

Hands on Lesson Planning 101 – Washington Pavilion, Carl Fellbaum

Maximizing Movement in the Classroom: Movement and the Brain

Effective Grading Practices with ELLs in Mind – Tanya Vitek and Jean Larson

Dynamic and Engaging Classrooms…how they should look, feel and sound – Cheryl Abla

Day 2

Find the Money: Get the Grant – SD State Library, Brenda Hemmelman & Kathleen Slocum

Connection between goals of behavior and out of school experiences – John Hegg

SD State Library Databases – Resources for a Well-Rounded Education – Daria Bossman

Teaching the Mind, Reaching the Heart

Outside the Box: Creative Activities for Common Equipment – Scott Klungseth

Room Escapes in the Classroom 2.0 – Kristin and Christopher Larson

Family Engagement Roadmap – Morgan VonHaden and Dr. Pam Lange