Keynote Speakers

Sam Glenn
For nearly three decades, Sam Glenn’s inspirational and artistic speeches have impacted audiences of all sizes - some audiences as large as 75,000 people at stadium events. Sam has spoken for just about every industry you can imagine. When it comes to attitude - nobody is excluded. Organizations get better when their people get better and it all starts with attitude. Attitude is the driver of everything and Sam knows exactly how to recharge and rekindle that positive spark that empowers leaders to give, do and be their best.

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Mission Monday
Mission Monday will give you the tools to make each trip through your school a positively impactful event. You don’t need special certification or to document your efforts and submit them for evaluation. You just need to be aware and intentional. Walk down the hallway differently with Mark and Sam. Join Mission Monday and make your school community climate an intentionally better environment with weekly interventions aimed at uniting students, teachers, volunteers and parents in the classroom and beyond. Mission Monday will provide you with the inspiration, motivation and plan to make your school a better place one week at a time.

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Dwayne Reed
Teaching phenom and educational activist, Dwayne Reed, has been crisscrossing the globe, promoting his message of love and equity in education. After seeing viral success with the release of his educational music video, "Welcome to the 4th Grade," and appearing on Good Morning America, CNN, and MTV's TRL, Reed has been on a mission to convince the world that relationships mean everything in education, and that every child, no matter their race or social status, deserves a fair chance at a quality education. Mr. Reed spends his free time writing educational songs, playing basketball, and 'chillin' in his neighborhood,' on the Westside of Chicago.