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Title IVA:
Student Support and Academic Enrichment

The South Dakota Department of Education (SD DOE) differentiates by providing multiple programs that address specific needs of schools, teachers and students in order to support a smooth transition between educational levels as well as drop-out prevention. Programs currently include transitional support such as Birth to Three, Career and Technical Education support, and Library Services support.

The three components of the Title IV Part A Student Support and Academic Enrichment Grant are:

  1. Provide all students with access to a well-rounded education
  2. Improve school conditions for student learning
  3. Supporting use and access to technology
SD DOE will allocate subgrants to each district by formula in the same proportion as the district’s prior year’s Title I Part A allocation to the total amount of Title I, Part A allocations received by all districts in the state. If the amount available is insufficient to make allocations to all districts in amount equal to the minimum allocation of $10,000, the allocations to districts above $10,000 will be reduced until all districts in the state receive at least the minimum allocation of $10,000.

Monitoring: During reviews of the allowable cost(s) involved with Title IVA, reviewers will look for evidence that the information provided in the Consolidated Application found on the Grants Management System is what is being implemented in the schools.

Contact the Title Office at the South Dakota Department of Education at 605-773-6400 with questions.