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School Year 2018-2019 GMS Grant Applications Due Date: July 1, 2018

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General Documents
How to Log-in to the Grants Management System How to Enter Central Data
How to Submit an Amendment How to View GAN
How to Submit a Payment How to Submit a Final Closeout Report
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Special Education
IDEA Part B Application How To Guide IDEA Part B 611 How To Guide
IDEA Part B 611 Private How To Guide IDEA Part B 619 Preschool How To Guide
IDEA Part B 619 Preschool Private How To Guide

Consolidated Application
ESSA Programs Use of Funds Overview
Creating and Completing School Sections How to submit school
Title I for Exempt Districts How to Guide Title I for Non Exempt Districts How to Guide
Consolidated Application How to Guide GMS User's Guide Planning Sections
Target Assistance Section Schoolwide Section
Rural Education Achievement Program (REAP) Comprehensive District Plan Section

21st Century
How to Login for 21st Century How To Guide for 21st Century
How to Submit 21st Century Admendment 21st Century Continuation

Title Documents
Private School Information Program Representative Contacts

Training Videos
GMS Central Contacts Assurances and Navigation GMS Consolidated Application
IDEA Part B Application GMS Perkins
GMS - Business Managers Training GMS - Payments Training