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Content Standards: CTE Standards Revision Process

The timeline for standards revision is adopted by the South Dakota Board of Education Standards for the purpose of reviewing academic content standards in all areas. The review process allows stakeholders to review current standards and make adjustments to the standards on a five- to seven-year year rotation. Review teams consist of representatives from K-12, including teachers and school administrators, and post-secondary, business, and industry.

There are currently five Career and Technical Education (CTE) content areas under review during this cycle.

CTE Standards Revision Process and Workgroup Members
CTE Standards Process and Workgroup Members by Cluster
Business Management and Administration
Proposed Business Management and Administration Submit Public Comments
Current Business Management and Administration
Revision Comparisons
Hospitality and Tourism
Proposed Hospitality and Tourism Standards Submit Public Comments
Current Hospitality and Tourism Standards
Revision Comparisons
Proposed Marketing Standards Submit Public Comments
Current Marketing Standards
Revision Comparisons
Transportation, Distribution and Logistics
Proposed Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Standards Submit Public Comments
Current Transportation, Distribution and Logistics Standards
Revision Comparisons
Capstone Experience
Proposed Capstone Experiences Standards Submit Public Comments
Current Capstone Experiences Standards
Revision Comparisons
Standards Revision and Adoption Timeline
Standards Four Public Hearings Approved by BOES Capacity Building Teach to Standards Assessed
  • Business Management and Administration
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Transportation
  • Capstone Experience
2022-2023 Spring 2023 2023-2024 2024-2025 No State Assessment