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Foundational CTE Courses

Foundational CTE courses apply across all 16 career clusters and aim to give students foundational knowledge and skills that apply to any career field they may explore or pursue in the future. In a scope and sequence of CTE courses, Foundational CTE courses are the first courses that then progress into career cluster or pathway-specific courses.

Find each career cluster-specific content and standards on their respective Career Cluster web page.

Assignment Code
Course Titles
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Unpacked Standards
Certification Requirements
*denotes authorizations that are no longer issued, but continue to make educators properly certified for the assignment
Career Cluster Foundational Courses
Foundations of CTE Overview
10004 Foundations of Technology Foundations of Technology-Unpacked Any certified CTE teacher
12053 Entrepreneurship Entrepreneurship -Unpacked Agriculture Food & Natural Resources Cluster Endorsement
Architecture & Construction Cluster Endorsement
Arts AV Technology & Communications Cluster Endorsement
Business Management & Administration Cluster Endorsement
Education & Training Cluster Endorsement
FACS Endorsement
Finance Cluster Endorsement
Health Science Cluster Endorsement
Hospitality &Tourism Cluster Endorsement
Information Technology Cluster Endorsement
Manufacturing Cluster Endorsement
Marketing Cluster Endorsement
Sales, Merchandising & Marketing Research Support Pathway Endorsement
STEM Cluster Endorsement
Transportation, Distribution & Logistics Cluster Endorsement
*Agriculture Ed.,* Business Ed., *Marketing Ed, *Tech Ed.
22101 Leadership and Service Leadership and Service -Unpacked Any certified CTE teacher
22152 Employability Employability -Unpacked Any certified CTE teacher
22151 Career Exploration Career Exploration -Unpacked All certified teachers or certified school counselor