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Student Information Management System

It shall be the duty of the secretary of the department of education to establish a uniform system for the gathering and reporting of educational data for the keeping of adequate educational and financial records for the evaluation of educational progress.- SDCL 13-3-51

Protecting the Privacy of Student Education Records

Student education records are official and confidential documents protected by one of the nation's strongest privacy protection laws, the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). FERPA, also known as the Buckley Amendment, defines education records as all records that schools or education agencies maintain about students.

Facilities in which students may be double-counted

Overlapping enrollments are permissible for up to 90 consecutive days according to South Dakota Administrative rule 24:17:03:05 if the student is dually enrolled at any of the following entities:

Short Term Group Care

  1. Keystone Treatment Center – Canton – 41001
  2. Chief Gall Alternative – Adolescent Treatment Center – Aberdeen – 06901
  3. Our Home Rediscovery – Huron – 02002
  4. ARISE Shelter Care – Sioux Falls – 49005
  5. Volunteers of America – Adolescent Treatment – Sioux Falls – 49005

JDC’s (Juvenile Detention Centers)

  1. Aberdeen JDC – 06001
  2. Huron JDC – 02002
  3. Pierre JDC – 32002
  4. Rapid City JDC – 51004
  5. Sioux Falls JDC – 49005
  6. Walworth County (Selby) JDC – 62005
  7. Wanbli Wiconi Tipi (Todd County) JDC - 66001

Resident District – is to keep the student enrolled at 100% with the Service Type field marked as P: Primary. The resident district needs to track how long the student is placed at the Short Term Group Care or JDC facility and must drop the student at the resident district on the 91st consecutive school day if the student is still attending the Short Term Group Care or JDC facility.

Attending District – will create an enrollment record showing their district as both the Resident and the Serving/Attending district for the period in which the student is attending the Short Term Group Care or JDC facility. The Percent Enrolled field should be marked as 100% and the Service Type field should be marked as S: Partial.

***This will allow for State Aid to be paid to both the Resident and the Attending District if the student is dually enrolled in both districts on the last Friday in September.

For more information, contact the Department of Education’s Office of Data Management at 605-773-3426.