Coming Soon: 2015-16 Report Card will be released on October 4.

School, District, and State level Report Cards

The 2015 Report Card reflects a return to a Report Card with full data and new classifications.

South Dakota’s accountability system uses a 100-point School Performance Index, or SPI. The SPI consists of multiple indicators to measure a school’s performance. Two distinct indexes are used: one for elementary/middle school accountability and one for high school accountability.

This year’s SPI scores will look a bit different from previous years’ report cards. The Student Achievement key indicator reflects the proficiency levels achieved under the new state assessment, Smarter Balanced. In addition, the state changed the method of calculating points for the Attendance key indicator. Therefore, neither of these two indicators should be compared with previous years’ results.


2014-15 School Performance Index Scores

Elementary/Middle Schools
SPI Expanded Public Excel SPI Basic Public Excel SPI Basic Public PDF
High Schools
SPI Expanded Public Excel SPI Basic Public Excel SPI Basic Public PDF
Small Schools
Excel PDF

District Reporting Requirements
2014-15 School Classifications Understanding Academic Growth
SPI Summary 2015-16 SPI Power Point
2014-15 Report Card Calculation Guide 2015-16 Report Card Calculation Guide
Understanding the Gap Group NCLB Distinguished Districts/Schools (2004-2011)

Report Card Tables
Math 2014-15 English Language Arts 2014-15
Math 2013-14 Reading 2013-14
Math 2012-13 Reading 2012-13
Math 2011-12 Reading 2011-12
Math 2010-11 Reading 2010-11
Math 2009-10 Reading 2009-10
Math 2008-09 Reading 2008-09
Math 2007-08 Reading 2007-08
Math 2006-07 Reading 2006-07
Math 2005-06 Reading 2005-06
Math 2004-05 Reading 2004-05
Math 2003-04 Reading 2003-04
Math 2002-03 Reading 2002-03
Graduation/Completer Rates
Graduation Rate 2014-15 Completer Rate 2014-15
Graduation Rate 2013-14 Completer Rate 2013-14
Graduation Rate 2012-13 Completer Rate 2012-13
Graduation Rate 2011-12
Graduation Rate 2010-11