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Course Offerings for Endorsements and Alternative Certification

According to ARSD 24:28:18:05, coursework required to add an endorsement must be completed within the 10 year period prior to the application.

Secondary English Language Arts Endorsements
  • Secondary Advanced Composition/Grammar
  • Secondary Advanced Literature
  • Secondary Speech/Debate
CTE Career Clusters
  • Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources Career Cluster
  • Architecture and Construction Career Cluster
  • Arts, Audio-Video Technology, and Communication Career Cluster
  • Business Management and Administration Career Cluster
  • Education and Training Career Cluster
  • Family and Consumer Science Career Cluster
  • Finance Career Cluster
  • Government and Public Administration Career Cluster
  • Health Science Career Cluster
  • Hospitality and Tourism Career Cluster
  • Human Services Career Cluster
  • Information Technology Career Cluster
  • Law, Public, Safety, Security, and Corrections Career Cluster
  • Manufacturing Career Cluster
  • Marketing Career Cluster
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Career Cluster
  • Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics Career Cluster
CTE Career Pathways
  • Accounting Career Pathways
  • Agribusiness Career Pathways
  • Animal Systems Career Pathways
  • Audio-video Technology and Film Career Pathways
  • Auto Body Technology Career Pathways
  • Automotive Technology Career Pathways
  • Aviation Career Pathways
  • Banking Services and Business Finance Career Pathways
  • Business Marketing and Management Career Pathways
  • Construction Career Pathways
  • Consumer Services Career Pathways
  • Counseling, Mental Health, and Community Services Career Pathways
  • Curriculum for Agriculture Science Education Career Pathways
  • Design and Pre-construction Career Pathways
  • Diagnostic Services Career Pathways
  • Early Childhood Development Career Pathways
  • Energy Career Pathways
  • Engineering and Robotics Career Pathways
  • Food Products and Processing Career Pathways
  • Insurance, Securities, and Investments Career Pathways
  • Journalism and Broadcasting Career Pathways
  • Natural Resources and Environmental Service Career Pathways
  • Networking Systems and Information Support Career Pathways
  • Plant Systems Career Pathways
  • Power Structural and Technical Systems Career Pathways
  • Programming and Software Development Career Pathways
  • Project Lead the Way Computer Science Career Pathways
  • Project Lead the Way Engineering Career Pathways
  • Restaurant and Food Service Management Career Pathways
  • Sales, Merchandising, and Marketing Research Support Career Pathways
  • Therapeutic and Support Services Career Pathways
  • Travel and Tourism Career Pathways
  • Visual Arts Career Pathways
  • Web and Digital Communications Career Pathways
  • Welding and Precision Machining Career Pathways
K-12 Music Endorsements
  • K-12 Vocal Music Education
  • K-12 Instrumental Music Education
K-12 World Languages Endorsements
  • Elementary/Secondary Latin
  • Elementary/Secondary French
  • Elementary/Secondary German
  • Elementary/Secondary Spanish
  • Elementary/Secondary Chinese
  • Elementary/Secondary Russian
  • Elementary/Secondary Japanese
  • Elementary/Secondary Norwegian
  • Elementary/Secondary World Languages
K-12 Gifted Endorsements
  • Elementary/Secondary Gifted Education
K-12 School Librarian Endorsements
  • Elementary/Secondary School Librarian
K-12 Deaf or Hearing Impaired Endorsements
  • Elementary/Secondary Deaf or Hearing Impaired
K-12 South Dakota Indian Studies Endorsements
  • Elementary/Secondary South Dakota Indian Studies
Education Specialist Endorsements
  • School Psychological Examiner
  • Mentor Teacher
  • Technology Integrationist
  • Technology Coordinator
Educator Permit Endorsements
  • Athletic Coaching
  • American Sign Language Instructor
  • Braille Education Instructor
  • Drivers Education Instructor
  • Eminent Scholar Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Language and Culture
  • Native American Lakota, Dakota, Nakota Language and Culture
  • School Business Official

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