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Data tells a story. It paints a picture reflecting strengths and opportunities. It can reveal the unexpected and affirm what appears evident in our classrooms, schools, and communities. Career and Technical Education emphasizes making data-driven decisions to best serve students, schools, communities, and workforce development needs. Thoroughly and accurately collecting CTE data is the foundation of knowing and using the information for sound decision making. The following sections provide instruction, training, and assistance to accomplish these tasks.



Districts are required to complete an annual CTE program consultation with the DOE Division of Career and Technical Education in conjunction with the SD-CLNA to maintain their program approval status. DCTE Regional Specialists will guide districts through this process on a one on one basis.

Perkins Data Collection
Data Collection and Import Data Validation

NOTE: The PRF system permanently closes on June 11, 2021. Once the PRF system closes, CTE Data Collection issues due to inaccurate PRF will not be fixable after June 11th, 2021. Please plan ahead and begin validating CTE data immediately after the final posting of grades for the 2020-2021 school year. Final validation of CTE data is due on June 11th as a part of each district’s year-end sigh-off.

Using and Understanding CTE Data

CTE Performance Levels & Definitions

A new comprehensive report has been developed to assist districts in using and understanding CTE data. This ‘Student Summary Report’ is accessible within the Perkins Web Portal under the Reports section. For assistance in logging into the Perkins Web Portal or accessing this report, please consult the following resources or contact your regional specialist for additional assistance.


Note- Aggregate district reports will be available by April 1st. Information for accessing the reports will be updated here.

On Demand Training Videos

Questions? Contact Kim Roth at (605) 280-6362.