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Personnel Record Form

The purpose of the Personnel Record Form (PRF) database is to provide a data collection tool for South Dakota school districts to enter their required staffing information. The data contained in the PRF is used for federal and state reporting, research by state and national organizations, and requests from the public.

The Personnel Record Form (PRF) K-12 staffing data collection system - along with the Certification system - have been redevelop as of March 2023 in conjunction with statewide efforts related to data system modernization.

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Collection Forms and Instructions

Data Collection Forms have been developed to assist districts to collect the required information which is then encoded into the database. These are a tool and not required. In addition to these data collection forms step by step instructions have been developed to assist districts in completing each screen in the database. These instructions are very detailed, include notes to help guide you and have many pictures so you can see what the screen should look like. You can access the forms and instructions for each area of the PRF by clicking on the specific screen listed below.