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Special Education Programs:
Dispute Resolution

As a parent, you are a very important participant in your child's special education program. By contributing what you know about your child and involvement in the decision-making process, you will make an important contribution to your child's education.

The decisions you make should be based on knowledge and understanding of your rights and responsibilities. If problems and misunderstandings do arise, however, there are several ways to address them.

First, you may want to talk with the school personnel directly involved with the problem and discuss your concerns. It is suggested you contact the person in charge of special education, the administration of the local public school district or the public education agency where your child attends school. If the problem is not resolved at the local level, you may request a mediation meeting, file a formal complaint, and/or request a due process hearing.

Each of these options has a specific purpose for helping you with your concerns, so it is important that you choose the best option for you. Listed below is information regarding dispute resolution.

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