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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports

circular graphic with the text All Students in center. Around circle is the text Team-Based Leadership, Tiered Continuum of Supports, Comprehensive Data Collection System, Communication and Collaboration

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a proactive and preventative, continuous improvement framework which supports positive student behavior. It ensures efficient use of resources to identify trends and patterns by using data and matching evidence-based interventions and behavioral strategies to student need.

4 Key Components in PBIS

Team-Based Leadership
A building leadership team oversees school-level implementation. The team reviews systems-level data, and intervention implementation decisions.

Tiered Continuum of Supports
All students receive evidence-based Tier 1 supports. Students who are identified as needing additional behavioral supports will also receive targeted Tier 2 intervention based on their needs. A few students will need more intensive supports. If a student receiving Tier 2 supports is identified as needing additional supports, they will also receive intensive Tier 3 intervention to address behavior skill deficits.

Comprehensive Data Collection System
Schools use a comprehensive process for collecting and reviewing data at the school and student levels. Data is used in a continuous improvement process.

Communication and Collaboration
Schools engage families, community partners, and other stakeholders in understanding MTSS PBIS and partnering to improve outcomes for all students.

South Dakota Multi-Tiered Systems of Support. Link.

Questions about PBIS? Contact Rebecca Cain in the SD Department of Education's Special Education Office with questions at (605) 773-3423.