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Annual Financial Report

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Annual Report Documents
DOE Policy: Extension to File Annual Report
DOE Policy: Calculation of Penalty
AFR Submission Guide
2015 Chart of Accounts
DOE Annual Report Checklist
2015 AFR File Upload Specifications
Common End of Year General Journal Entries to Remember
Taxes Receivable Entries

Fund Balances

Governmental Accounting Standards Board - Statement 54 was implemented in fiscal year 2011. Starting with fiscal year 2011, the data reported for the General Fund includes the sum of the committed, assigned and unassigned fund balance.

For the Capital Outlay and Special Education funds, the amounts are the total fund balance.

General Fund, fiscal years 2011-2014
Capital Outlay Fund, fiscal year 2011 - 2014
Special Education Fund, fiscal years 2011 – 2014
General Fund, fiscal years 1994-2010
Capital Outlay Fund, fiscal years 1994-2010
Special Education Fund, fiscal years 1994-2010

Expenditures and Year End Balances
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Cooperative and Multi-District Fiscal Summary
2011-2014 Expenditures and Fund Balances

Other Revenue Reports

FY2016 Medicaid Admin Claiming
  August 2015

FY2015 Medicaid Admin Claiming
  November 2014
  January 2015
  April 2015
  June 2015

Previous Years’ Medicaid Admin Claiming
  June 2014   March 2014
  September 2013   February 2014
  June 2013   March 2013
  September 2012   December 2012

Other Revenue Reports
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Statewide Annual Financial Report
FY14 Annual Report Totals FY13 Annual Report Totals
FY12 Annual Report Totals FY11 Annual Report Totals
FY10 Annual Report Totals FY09 Annual Report Totals
FY08 Annual Report Totals FY07 Annual Report Totals

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